Sundar Pichai Success Story | Why Google Pays Him 2,145 Crore

Sundar Pichai success story
Today I am going to tell you about a virtuoso, an ultimate trickster, and a magician in real. A person who is considered as the art of doing things. 

So it was during 2006 that Microsoft dispelled Google and assigned Bing as its default browser due to which google lost its 300 million customers. This was an alarming situation for the founder Larry Page.

Then all of a sudden he remembers an Indian employee who suggested making an independent web browser. Yes, we are talking about Sundar Pichai the present CEO of Google.

Sundar Pichai was a genius by birth and had a high intelligence quotient. He cleared the interview of Google very easily by the dint of his wisdom and joined in 2004

. He has a different yet fascinating perspective towards anything he looks at and this was the reason why he was different from the rest.

So in this situation, Larry Page told Sundar Pichai to help them out. Sundar started working on the google toolbar project and developed a feature to make google as the customer’s default 

web browser and it worked! It revived 80 percent of the customers and made them rejoice.

But since then there was no turning back google in the leadership of Sundar Pichai developed the google chrome browser which I am even currently using it right now. So this was a major breakthrough in the history of the internet.

Sundar always said that one must have a wow factor in him/her so that at the right time he/she could do something extraordinary and the whole world applauds you. During his college day, he remembers when he was fond of cricket but he was neglected by others.

One day he got a chance to bat and then it is all over, he stunned everyone with his talent. This experience he put on his job at google and became successful.

He was appointed as the vice-president of Google and there was no turning back he avenged the rejection of Nokia as OS but he again came up with a new OS called Android which we are all familiar with.

Soon it reached 5 billion customers installed in their handsets at affordable prices. The working strategy of Sundar Pichai was also different from others. 

They had set up daily goals, weekly and monthly ones too. They went for events where everyone else necessities were sufficient. They worked as a team and developed strong bonds with each other. 

Sundar Pichai teaches us that you must have a wow factor that fascinates and enchants others such that people make you an idol and inspiration and follow you till eternity. 

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