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Lingaraj Senapati

Co-founder & Content Analysist

Hey There! I am Lingaraj Senapati, the Co-founder of Vebtube.com. My skills are Freelance, Web Developer & Designer, Corporate Trainer, Digital Marketer & Youtuber.
phone no:+91 7077489451
[email protected]

Nikhil Patra

Co-founder & CEO

Hi guys. I am Nikhil Patra, the 
Co-founder of Vebtube.com.
I was very much fascinated with web development. Day by day my love for web development went on increasing. I am researched a lot about web development, its scopes in the future. Then, I became a web developer. Along with Web development, SEO expert &Photo editing

phone no :+91 9556679622
[email protected]

Our Content Writers Members

Prabhudarshan Samal

Content Writer

Namaste folks!!!
I am Prabhudarshan Samal a B.Tech CSE undergraduate from SIT Bhubaneswar. I am a coding geek and have a keen interest in Web development. Currently, I am working as a technical content writer at Vebtube.com.Every day is an opportunity to learn something new and within everything, there is something to be learned that is what I feel. I embrace every new Technology or topic that lies under my niche warmly.

phone no : +91 7978187103
Email: [email protected]

Ashutosh Chatterjee

Co-founder & CEO

I am Ashutosh Chatterjee. I am an Economics Hons student and a part-time content writer. I believe in enhancing my skills through hard work and consistency. My passion is reading books and taking some amazing photos.

phone no :+91 9337849030
[email protected].

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Guest Youtuber

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