7 Strategies To Grow Your Business

The more the world grows the more complex it becomes and running a successful business is not everyone’s cup of tea. Everything that yields income requires a high sense of skill and caliber. 

Today we are going to tell you about 7 business growth strategies. 

1.PPT Repeatable Business Model

 PPT refers to People, Process, and Technology. It is addressed to generate a business model that can be repeated one after the other and requires PEOPLE as capital, PROCESS as work schedule so that the execution goes well and Technology as a backbone to support and monitor the above two factors.

One point that must be kept in mind that the person who is pursuing his business must be having an ample amount of time to manage tasks efficiently. There is a difference between busyness and business. Busyness yields you nothing you would be badly screwed in work while business yields you a handsome amount of money.

Now comes the model which you shall decide to work on. The business model shall be chosen wisely which shall be sustainable and can yield results again and again without fail. That’s what we call a repeatable business model.

2.RGB Dashboard

The above point we are talking about refers to the RGB dashboard i.e the RED GREEN and 

BLUE dashboard. The RGB dashboard acts as a monitor of the business. There are many

 technologies available in the market that have pre-designed dashboards. The RED colour shall be given to the business which is not performing well while the BLUE colour addresses that the

 The particular module of the business is in a medium pace while the GREEN signal represents that the business module is working efficiently and effectively in full pace.

3. CGP Safety Trinity

There is a common relation between CASH, GROWTH and PROFIT. Therefore the balance is must to run the business smoothly and control the above cycle properly.

Cash inflow and outflow shall be strictly monitored and immediate updates shall be given to the boss that what is going to where. Growth is another major factor that needs to be worked on. 

Whether the sales are increasing or not as compared to the previous year whether the sales are properly being maintained or not. Many businessmen tend to control any two of the above factors but all the three factors must be balanced perfectly so as to run a successful business.

4.CEO’s Office In the Absence Of CEO

There is a possibility that the owner of the business cannot be available all the time, so there is a requirement of a supportive workforce that works for you even in your absence. You might

have other tasks to do so they will address to you which meeting is necessary and what is not so that you can save your time. If you are running a small business so you need a personal

 The assistant who keeps the track of all your activities and schedules your meetings. If your business is a bigger one then you need an executive assistant. So a substitute workforce is required as you need to have a clear goal and you can devote time to other works as well.

5.Productivity Tracker

This another monitoring model to give feedback in regard to how your business is going on.

You can simply sit at home and see which employees are working on what project and how

 much the work has proceeded and how many modules the work has been completed. You can simply notice all the strengths and weaknesses of your team and manage the tasks effectively

. You can also see which sector is down and you can fix meetings and conferences for that without actually going and examining all those.

6.Main Thing v/s Multiple Things

Now, this is a very interesting yet important thing to be discussed. There are many challenges before the boss. Now it is up to the boss how well he handles and tackles the odds.

The main thing here refers to how much he devotes his personal time towards his dream and new upcoming projects and how well he executes his plans according to his ideas. Multiple things are here referred to as many tasks that are to be initiated by the boss himself the point before

we had discussed the CEO’s office. That has a bit related to this topic. There is a myriad of things before you but it’s upto you which one you handle and which one not to send your team would be substituting that.

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7.Reconstructing The Business Model

This is another interesting topic to be pondered on. We must examine the working of the company i.e people’s performances, sales, and profits-losses, etc. Now it comes to how to

 reconstruct the business model by learning from our past mistakes. No company is perfect rather we have to make it perfect. Similarly, your organization also needs to work perfectly by

 reconstructing the model but make sure that only things are to be reconstructed where the bottlenecks lie.

7 Tips To Grow Your Business

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