How to Build an SEO Proposal Template For Client

SEO Project Proposal Template

The SEO platforms enhance the quality and quantity of online traffic from across the globe through secured search engine results.

SEO projects help in the commercialization of business in the global forum. This is an ever-going trend in this challenging market scenario.

Therefore, entrepreneurs, freelancers, budding agencies, and even those individuals who are preparing to be a part of this business sector, should have a clear picture of the SEO project.

Fresher’s capability is judged in this sector by asking them to analyze the website and explore the possibilities of the platform depending upon the performances and rankings. 

Moreover, freelancers and agencies should learn how to deal with the problems of the client using the SEO concept.

They have to reach the strategy and decide on the plan of action to solve the pain points of the clients or customers.

The business units should also learn to determine their goals and pricing to improve their position in the global scenario and gain maximum profit from the resources.

The theory of SEO projects seems to be easy for individuals, but the implementation of the same is challenging in the present context.

The key points which are of prime concern while preparing the SEO project proposal template are:

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Discovery Meeting

Discovery Meeting helps both the parties to communicate their ideas and aspirations to reach the desired goal.

The SEO project handlers should collect as much information from the client, which is needed to set up a perfect customized website only for the client’s business proposal.

The main concerns are to know the ideal customers, the target geography of the client, pain points of the customers, market competitors, competitor’s strategy, unique sales point, the budget of the client, winning services and products, etc.

These are the generic questions that stand true for any type of business unit. 

Moreover, for proper handling of the SEO projects, there should be SEO-related questions for your client in the questionnaire.

These include their current SEO strategy, key user search terms, parameters to evaluate SEO success, current loopholes in SEO, presence of content writers, etc.

The search keywords and terminologies serve a massive role in the handling of the search engine traffic.

In the discovery meeting let your client come up with their issues, needs, and desires. This will help to understand the client and work on the SEO project. 

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Usability Analysis

The SEO project handlers should check the health of the website as per search engine visibility, the audit capability to engage visitors, means to turn their first-time visitors to customers.

The SSL certification, device flexibility, image optimizations, social proof, chat-bot integration should also be checked during the audit process.

Some tools help to collect data on these details. However, handlers should maintain their individuality and effort in the project, and design a proper tabular setup depending upon the audit and information collected.

Handlers should add remarks ad their feedback after auditing the website to process the areas for improvement.

There should be a recommendation article after the website audit, which should include- a title, meta description on SEO, mention the main keywords across the HTML header tags, etc.

Moreover, this article should also implement XML sitemap, Google analytical tool, page text content, and also reduce the size of image files when needed.

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Proposal and Planning

The SEO project handlers should convince the client regarding the need and utility of the websites with SEO.

Planning will help them attract relevant search traffic, and improve KPIs like-monthly traffic, new users, lower down bounce rate, etc.

Moreover, the search engine ranking on key terminologies also improves, which leads to strong visibility and enhance branding.

Branding establishes the business and offers a position of leader and authority to the client.

SEO delivers the following key factors- website optimization, local business and listing optimization, ongoing link building, blogging, and ORM to the client. 

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  • Website Optimization Activities

Website optimization activities include eliminating website errors, alignment issues, and optimizing blogs. Moreover, it tracks keyword ranking weekly and performs proper research on the keywords of each page.

Implementation of meta tags, Google tag manager, internal and external links to improve CTR, schemas like- search box, FAQ, and others are also part of the optimization activities.

Increasing the DA and PA of a website depends on link building on a high PR domain. Event tracking and goal setup help to check the number of people clicking on a particular button at the site.

There are various techniques to improve the page speed, compress image size, provide image ALT tags, highlight duplicate contents, and suggest unique content in a device-friendly way. 


  • On-Going Link Building Activity

The SEO project handlers perform some link-building activities like blog submission to enhance the inflow of traffic, article submission for niche-based traffic, infographics and video sharing, press releases, PPT submission, and social bookmarking.

Activities like PPT submission helps to get referral traffic from the industry-specific links.

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  • Local Business and Listing Optimization

The SEO project handlers should be aware of the surrounding circumstances and challenges for proper listing and optimization.

Therefore, to drive leads and inquiries they identify local and regional directories and also maintain information consistency.

Event sites help in building the referral links for the website and also maintain GoogleMyBusiness listing.

Drive and develop local footfalls, plans, and wireframes for local landing pages, rank local service pages, etc.

The business will be sturdy enough to face competitors’ challenges because of these localized optimizations.

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  • Blogging and ORM On Going Activity

Blogging answers the queries of the customers before purchasing and also improves site health and domain authority.

Moreover, Quora posting, ongoing blogging, and continuous forum engagements drive industry and niche traffic.

They should earn backlinks, establish thought leadership, and reply to comments on review sites to gain credibility in the sector.

Therefore, these activities manage doubts and help in the emergence of a customer support system.

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Goals and KPIs

Firstly, determine and define the right keywords for your SEO platform to attract traffic.

The SEO platform handlers help the clients to improve the website traffic and performance regularly.

They also help to rank the webpages depending on the targeted keywords and eventually generate more inquiries from the parties.

The goals of the SEO project handlers should satisfy the client’s requirements. 

Business is more online than offline in the current scenario; therefore, the need and the utilization of SEO sites are booming at an alarming rate. However, customers should be careful while opting for these SEO projects.

Lack of proper knowledge and activities can lead to severe damage to the name and fame of the business unit.

Channelizing the business and niche traffic in the right funnel offers a promising role in the global market.

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