How to Start Advertising Business with ZERO Experience & Build a Brand?

To be successful in the advertising field, you need to build up a proper advertisement mindset. No matter if you belong to the service industry or product industry, here you will know the revolutionary strategy to build your career to be a successful advertiser and generate revenue continuously. 

If you are a freelancer and are afraid to invest money in ads then you are at the right place. It is not a skill set issue that holds you back with the fear of failure but it is a mind-set issue.  

Here you will find the fundamental things that an advertiser needs before making a startup. Advertisement is not about pressing buttons! Every advertisement startup dwells a proper mind set that helps to be successful in this field and generate revenue. Where you lack is a fundamental mindset to be successful.  

Advertisement Agency Mindset

First of all you need to know the beginning mindset and attitude to make the advertisement successful. You also need to keep in mind the campaign of the advertisement cycle. Here the advertisement mindset is explained in four pillars or steps which you need to know. So let us begin.

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It is NOT about Tools, Platforms, and Steps

1. Audience Persona

Learning advertisements is very easy. There are various platforms that provide paid courses at high prices. But they too teach you the basic things which you can get from any other websites. All you need to know is the audience persona. 

There are many marketers who do not know how to conduct marketing in a proper way. They think they will get the lead only by pressing the buttons. But that is not the right way. You need to know the audience persona,i.e., every single detail about the audience. 

Do the basic research and ask questions to the audience to know what they want. Know the primary motivating factors of your users. Know every personal goal, professional goal, their behaviour, challenges and other details including their age, gender, location, books they read, influencers they follow, designation, income racket, ethnicity, etc. This is known as audience persona.

2. Product USP & Offer

USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition. You will find people advising you about products and commission. But when do you get a commission? This is when the product is very generic. Always remember people do not buy your product, they buy the solution. 

3. Messaging/Story

Use a smart and attractive message for your product. People will think only a fraction of seconds to either click on the add or skip it. So, find the emotional hook of your product then design the front message that will attract people to click your advertisements anyway. These are called storytelling ads. 

4. Do Not Focus Your Competitor

Always focus on your competitor. Know each and every move of your competitor. Keep checking the ads of your competitors. Try to add more features to your ads as compared to them. This way you can expand your creativity.

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Advertisement is an Investment Platform

1. Belief System of Investor

An investor always has a long term perspective. If you have a long term arroweye, you will get 100% short term gain. You will surely get short term benefits.  

2. Long Term Game

Always note that 20-30% of the information that you find on facebook is fake. Over a part of time, when you start investing on your ads it will be shown to some fake sites and junk accounts. You may get good results at first but it stops after a certain period of time. It happens just because your ads do not appear before real humans. Over a period of time, facebook collects the actual data of the real audience and starts giving you results. So, patience is the key. 

3. Say ‘NO’ To Chindigiri

To be an advertiser you need to think as a wealthy investor or king investor. No way is easy if it is to earn money. You need to take risks or you will never be successful. You will have to take small risks to get long term gain. If you want to learn big, invest big. You will never learn things for free or you can not manage things to be better in it. 

If you start to adjust, it is not late that you will start compromising. Investment on your brain is the best kind of investment. Invest in yourself first. Your business is your reflection. Gain confidence in yourself first, then you can transmit it among others.

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Sales Happen in Remarketing

1. Understanding of Buying Journey

You need to have a proper understanding of the buying journey. If you have an E-Commerce store, Home Page-> Product Category Page-> Product Description Page-> Cart Page-> Payment Page-> Thank You Page, this is the full journey. You will have to plan the things in a generalised way. You need to plan the offers that should be in the home page or product page. All you need to keep in mind is the sales and then design each page accordingly. 

It is all about understanding the buying journey,i.e., the psychology of the customers. You will have to first think like your customers before planning the things. You need to understand the state of thinking of thinking of the buyers through every funnel of their buying journey. 

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1. Audience

You need to understand which audience is your ideal buyer. Most of the advertisers lack in testing this. For example, if you launch a mobile phone that will be used for multiple works by multiple people. Your ads must give a relatable message to every buyer. Prepare that generic message that will hook the motivating factor of the users. When you start testing your audience you will get to know the products’s ideal user base. 

2. Your Message

If you have a variant audience and different persona then you can not stick to one message, that will not be relatable anyway. You will have to expand your creativity factor through stories, scripts, etc. Over a period of time, you will get a competition of willing ads groups and willing ads copy. This is the art of A/B/C Testing or in industrial language you can say Split Testing which is the most important thing to be kept in mind. 

3. Never Give-Up

Last but not the least, never give-up. You get frustrated after getting two to three rejects and less lead and no profitable revenue. You start thinking it is not working and also start to blame others. This is not the mindset of a business professional.

To be successful you will have to experience failure at the same time. Always remember that the path of success was never easy, it is the zeal of the travelers that made them through the difficulties to get it. Think of the day when you decided to make a start-up in business. Remember the day zero decision that you had chosen. 

Business is a field of rejection. The only ones who succeed are the ones who accept it. Success happens in between rejection. You have to keep on showing up. The show must go on. Plan your advertising budget in a precise way. Do not compromise in any plans or decisions.  

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