How to Rank Post in Top 10 and Beat Competitor Websites with Pro Tips?

If your websites rank in top 30 or 40 and you want to know how to know how to rank it in top 10 then this is the right place. Here you get to know how to find a keyword and rank website in the top 10, and beat your competitor easily using smart strategy.

How to Rank Post

Paid SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools is the best practice of increasing the traffic to your websites through organic search engine results. You can use SEMrush as your SEO.It is costly but you can use it fully in your free trial period of 14 days.Then you can unsubscribe, if you want to continue.

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Comparing Your Domain’s Keywords Competitors 

You must have a proper knowledge about your websites and your competitor. Look for anything related to your keyword on google. The top 10 websites that will rank in the first page are your competitors. Check the keywords that your competitors websites use to rank at the top and where you lack behind. Use your own domain and then search for your competitors  root domain.

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Top Opportunities

Choose countries where you can target the audience and then compare the analysis in the SEMrush tool. Your target audience is the group of people to whom you direct a specific marketing asset or ads. Increase your audience traffic. Check the search volume for each keyword, write articles or blogs on most searched keywords.

Check the articles your competitors have posted to know their strategy. This will help you to build your strategy.

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Keywords Gap Analysis

This is the process of finding keywords that drive traffic to your competitors. Analyze your competitors website and check their rank where you rank behind. Include google suggestions and other related topics to your keyword in your post. The result will be very impressive. This is keyword gap analysis. Include all the keywords of your competitors in your post and make a list of what to include and which keywords to rank on your articles. Always give more importance to the weak keywords on your post.

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Untapped Keywords

Untapped is the keyword in which you don’t have a ranking but your competitors do. Using this you can write a new article. This is the keywords which your competitors have used. The potential of ranking of untapped keywords is very high.

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Unique Keywords

Unique keywords are keywords where you have a ranking but none of your competitors do. This is your strong keyword with which you can improve your ranking. This can be your potential.

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All Keywords 

The combined list of all keywords ranking between the competitors

How to Rank Post How to Rank Post How to Rank Post How to Rank Post How to Rank Post

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