How To Make A Blog: The First $100 From Within 60 Days?

The aim of using affiliate marketing is to increase sales. If you want to make money through affiliate marketing and are confused about how to make the first $100 from it very quickly you are at the best place. In 2021,  we need to change our strategies regarding marketing and online business. 

With the changing years competition is growing stronger. You need to maintain and generate a stronger blog promotion strategy to compete with your competitors.

 If you have started making blogs and still did not make money through it, you will definitely make your first $100 within 60 – 70 days after going through this blog.

You will have to know the points very well and put them to work. you will Shirley get the result within a short interval of time.

If you want to make money only through blogs then it does not work. You will have to look around various ways and follow these blog promotional strategies.

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Niche Research

Whenever it comes to selecting a niche, most bloggers complain that they made news websites, poem websites but did not get any traffic.  Truly speaking this is the first mistake that blog writers commit.  The reasons are very simple.

You have to work for a long-term strategy. If you expect to make  $10,000,  $12000, and $15,000 then these types of websites exhaust all your efforts.

Do not make news websites and Shayari websites your primary goal of income, as it will only exhaust your efforts And you will have no time to experiment with other things.

Gone are those days when your normal new website used to rank. This is because there was no good authority those days but now there are many well-reputed news websites. 

After Google has rolled out its E-A-T: Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness (or page quality) concept, Google has started searching for trust in your content.

Imagine how Google will find trust in your news content if your content is based on searched resources.

In this case,  sites with solid trust like Aaj Tak, NDTV, and other news media websites will rank. Do not waste your time in making such sites. 

First of all, you need to find a niche to target an audience. Always target niches with which people of foreign countries are more engaged.

If you target low purchasing power countries your income will become limited. Remember! Always target foreign countries.

Search niches under which you can do affiliate Marketing or promote products available in the market. You can get your niche from  Amazon or other websites for your reference. If possible make the Amazon affiliate site your affiliate potential.

Write a blog with a mindset to convert your visitor into your customer rather than making blogs drag traffic. That will help you to build your blog promotional strategy.

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Find The Best Hosting, Domain Name and Theme For WordPress or Blogger

The domain is the essential medium through which you can build your blog promotional strategy. Create your domain before you start.

If you don’t have money to invest in purchasing your domain then it is better not to start now. The domain is your name. Whatever effort you give, every SEO linkings, all authorities, and everything will depend on your domain.

If you don’t have much to invest in hosting then you can only purchase your domain in Blogger.

 But if you want to be really successful and make Blogging your business, then go with WordPress. WordPress is highly recommended and it is the best way.

Beginners can start with a lower budget that is less than 3K with shared hosting. 

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Keyword Research

After creating your domain you have to research keywords. You will have to make use of free techniques for keyword research.

All you keep in mind is the search volume of the keyword that you select should not be more than 250 monthly search volume no matter whether you search in a paid tool or non-paid tool.

Whenever you are doing any keyword research, if you find any keyword in the top 10 rankings in Quora, Pinterest, or Reddit sites, then start writing content blindly on it, and no need to do further research.

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Write at least 10 Post

In the content writing part, you will have to initially do three things. Only focus on affiliate-related product ranking while building your blog promotion strategy. Firstly, write four posts on Direct user query with a minimum of 2000 words.

Secondly, four posts on step by step guide with a minimum of 2500 words. Thirdly, four posts on direct product review with a minimum of 2500 words.

Maintain 2 posts every week frequency for 3 months and simultaneously 24 posts in 8 months. In this manner, you can prepare 36 content in 90 days. This should be your minimum blog promotion strategy. 

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Back is undoubtedly one of the best factors to rank your website. But beginners indulging in backlinks will simply waste time and will not get any result.

Build the backlink to the home page. Interlink posts to each other using the silo structure by using the plugin LinkWhisper.Description for this block.

Use this space for describing your block. Any text will do. Description for this block. You can use this space for describing your block.

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Target Direct User Query

Answer 5 quora questions for each post and do the same with the medium. Answers will include a short and simple summary of your content only within 100 to 150 words. Create 5 pins of each post and pin on Pinterest.

Make sure you receive 1 pin each day for the next all days. Have social accounts Facebook, Twitter. Follow these blog promotional strategies to get more traffic on your sites, which will give an organic boost to your traffic.

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Other Strategies

In our new blog promotional strategy, you will have to bypass Google AdSense. A small mistake can create a big difference. Avoid applying for Google AdSense in the beginning.  

Initially, you have no idea about your future traffic, site income, etc. Therefore, you will have to create a new strategy by creating accounts in FIVERR, UpWork, and Freelancer. Apply for a content writing job and start writing. This will help to create your identity.

Share your content as much as possible and get 300 visitors per day on site. Directly apply for the Ezoic 10K session in the last 30 days. 

Join ClickBank, ShareASale, and JVZoo and get related products reviewed on-site and link posts with Pinterest. Do not only rely on Google. Create your accounts on other sites. This will broaden your approach and make your blog promotional strategy more powerful.  

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