How to build an online business in 97 days?

To start a strong online business, you need to have an action plan. This where you can find a 97-day plan to start and grow your online business online.

Content creation, Affiliate marketing, SAAS business, Freelancing, and online stores are the main strategies through which you can start your business online.

Before you go to the action plan the most important thing you have to do is to choose a niche.

Remember, don’t think about money in the first 90 days, instead think about how to grow your audience. Make plans that will help grow your audience base.

Set-up Your Blog

How To Build An Online Business In 97 Days

The first seven days are very important. You simply have to set-up your websites to create the blog. This will be the main source of traffic where people can know about your content and your business. Thus, the first step will be to create a blog.

Set-up Social Profile

You need to create four or five social profiles like in instagram, twitter, linkedin, youtube.

Plan Your Content

The content planning is the part where you have to list out your topics what you will do and when. Never run out of topics or ideas. Choose specific content types, audience preferences, and then put it all into your list. Always plan 12 articles for the next 90 days, for your blog, and plan at least 36 posts for the next 90 days for your social profiles. Publish 3 posts per week on your social profiles.

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Search For Affiliate Products

After you start publishing content, you can link to affiliate products. Search for affiliate products related to your niche. While you’re publishing content, find some affiliate products related to your niche and then link them inside your articles and posts. This way you can link articles and affiliate marketing together. For the first 90 days your goal is not money, but to buy a business and grow your audience. Moreover, the first 90 days is to establish your business company.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies to grow online and make more sales later on. It is important to build your newsletter.People can subscribe to your email list. You can build your own audience through your email list. Start collecting email from your website.

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Build An Audience

After 90 days when you publish contents online. Have an email list, youtube channel, social profile followers, visitors, and much more. After you publish your content you can create your online store, you can create a SAAS business model, and then link everything together then you will have five income sources. This is where a strong online business comes. This is the power of building an online business.

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