B2B VS B2C Digital Marketing: Difference in Nature and Income You Should Know

B2B and B2C Digital marketing are completely different. If you think that you can do digital marketing by using the same techniques for the two most popular models, B2B and B2C, then you are on the wrong track. 

There are many aspects on which they can be differentiated such as marketing funnel, buying journey, lifetime value of the customer and many more.

This is where you can know the difference through detail analysis, 

Fundamental Difference
B2B VS B2C Digital Marketing

B2B Marketing refers to business to business marketing. Marketing model that aims its products and services to another business in which buying and selling both comes under business.

B2B marketers direct all of their marketing efforts towards persons or teams who make purchase decisions on behalf of their company. 

Moreover, this includes digital agencies that provide SEO services, start-up that specialize in finance management software; Manufacturers that sell equipment directly to dental clinics. 

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B2C Marketing 

B2C refers to business do consumer marketing. Marketing which involves businesses who sell solutions and products to consumers. Their target customers who are individual consumers who intend to buy what they offer for personal use.

Moreover, this includes beauty cosmetic companies; retail stores; pet care; car dealerships ; music streaming apps; real estate that sells to families. 

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Marketing Prospective
Consultative purchase and ROI Driven

There is often more money in B2B digital marketing as you can charge higher prices.  . Consultative purchase is a demands-based selling approach that focuses on building a relationship with a customer, understanding their problems and developing solutions.

Micro Niche Market 

In B2B marketing, micro niche is preferred. This includes home blog niches. 

Longer buying journey

Decisions that are made take a long time, as multiple people play the role in the decisions making process.

Educational strategy

B2B involves proper education to the customer, through your content. It involves case studies,reports, articles and so on.

Impulsive purchase and emotional driven 

Impulsive purchase is making an unplanned purchase. When a customer takes such buying decisions at the incentive of the moment,it is usually activated by emotions and feelings.

Large Market 

B2C marketing includes direct sellers, or manufactures that are able to sell directly to consumers like facebook, Netflix and so on. Therefore, it refers to large digital marketing. 

Short buying journey 

Decisions made by consumers are very quick. It is when we make a decision to buy a mobile phone.

Emotional strategy

It includes advertisements, display banner ads, offers, deals, coupons, that attracts consumers.

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