8 Steps To Find A Niche For Blogging

Content is the essential part and to have the right knowledge about the niche is even more essential for blogging.

To find the best niche is an art and the output of intense market research. Most of you search for tips and advice in youtube videos or websites before starting your blogs, but no successful blogger will reveal the secret of their earring. No one reveals the story of their success.

This is the right place to get blogging ideas for 2021. The ideas are as follows,

IKIGAI – Find your excellence in four parameters

To find out what you love to do is the first parameter.Secondly,the things you’re good at. Third, what the world needs to know. Lastly,the things for which you’ll be paid for.To set your passion into profession need time and dedication.

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Market Volume

Blogging is all about finding the interest of people. Find the keywords that people search for, that will surely help to expand your work. Choose topics that have greater demand in the market to increase the traffic.

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Check the trend of the niche

Always choose a niche that is trending. If you write travel blogs during a pandemic that will be of no help. Choose a niche that is in a saturation phase.

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Commercial Opportunity

The blogs must also contain niche related products. You can give your community a platform to sell products. Make a list of products you want to sell through your blog, a minimum of 100 products.

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Products should have 4 star ratings

The products you choose on your blogging page must have 4-star ratings. The ratings on the products ensure the willingness of it. This will help to boost your strategy.


Marketing Scope

Can I build a blog with 100 pages?  Competition is everywhere. Pick a niche that has market traffic. Find opportunities that will help you grow. Choose a niche on which you can write 100 pages. 

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Build blogs on micro niche keywords 

A micro-niche blog deals on a single topic. You can research high volume keywords that have no competing web pages on google.

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Do Not pick a niche where you have marketers as direct competitors.

Do Not write blogs on digital marketing or tools of marketing. This will be a direct challenge too big companies. 

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