Motivation on the morning routine

Motivation On Morning Routine

 Hard work and strong determination go hand in hand with success.  The content is for people who want to achieve success but due to lack of willpower and determination, they fail. If you lack stamina, focus, determination, and energy this is the right place for you.  Here are some researched facts for people who know how to achieve success, but failed due to indolence.  Dream big, but dreaming not only helps you to achieve anything in life. Right effort and willpower are also needed.

Cold Shower

The viral ice bucket challenge campaign involved high profile celebrities.  Many celebrities accepted it while some refused.  Bill Gates, Oprah WinfreyEminem, Barack Obama like personalities attempted it.  they did it very easily.  when asked the reason they said it is just because they already take cold showers every morning and are habituated to this even if America is a cold country.

 A cold shower helps to maintain heart rate, blood pressure and increases metabolism to maintain body temperature.  This keeps your nervous system alert all the time.  A cold shower also helps to maintain a strong immune system.  People taking cold showers feel less restless during their work compared to people who take hot showers.  This has been proved scientifically by the public library of science

A cold shower also boosts your mood and keeps you active,  energetic, and cheerful all the time.  An older article in the Journal Medical Hypothesis suggests that because cold showers activate the sympathetic nervous system and increase the availability of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine and endorphins, people may be less likely to experience depression, mood swings, and anger. 

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Will Smith, Bill Gates, Kobe BryantMichael JordanJennifer LopezArnold  Schwarzenegger like highly successful personalities practice meditation in their daily routine.  Only 15 minutes from your routine is enough to spend on meditation.  Daily 15 minutes meditation can reduce the activities of the mind’s default mode network and self-referential thought. It reduces unnecessary thoughts that come each time in your mind. It is very necessary to control the active state of mind to prevent your mind from being distracted.  Overthinking is the major problem in today’s generation.

 John Hopkins research suggests that meditation may reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Harvard Medical School after their research found that meditation can literally change your brain physically. The cortical thickness of the hippocampus region of the brain also increases which increases memory and memorizing power of the brain.


Exercise is not always building your body. A 15 minutes of Cardio exercise every day can be really helpful to keep your mind and body respond in a positive way.  It helps to release cortisol hormone in our body which keeps you focused and alert in every situation. Oxygen and nutrients circulate properly to your heart and hence improve the cardiovascular system to increase your stamina.

 In 2019, the British journal of sports medicine proves that only 15 minutes of exercise can improve your attention power in 3 weeks. It also improves visual learning and decision making power. Endorphins hormones are also released which help relieve pain and stress. Vascular health and Risk Management Research prove that exercise improves the quality of your sleep.

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Make your life more organized by writing your goals and ambitions for at least 5 minutes a day. A psychologist, James W Pennebaker, researches the writing effect on the human brain and states that writing is an organisational system through which we can organize our tasks and do them accordingly. This also helps us to remember things more easily and organize them.

Get up from the bed as soon as You are Awake

 When we get up immediately after we are awake,  our mind starts acting and responding very quickly.  If you lie on your bed for 5 to 10 minutes even after you are awake,  you will feel indolence the whole day. 

 We check our phones every morning. We get up in which a large amount of dopamine hormone gets used up and the rest of the day we do not find any interest in whatever we do. 

 The Walker University of Carolina researched and proved that if you do not get up for 10 minutes even after you are awake then that day when you go to sleep your sleep will delay by 30 minutes. It sounds strange but it is the truth.

 Book Reading

 Daily 15 minutes of book reading can help you to read 18 to 25 books a year.  If you start your day by reading a book you remain motivated the whole day.

Book reading can help improve your vocab and knowledge. Morning readings can improve the flow of your reading and your reading skills.  Win your morning to win your whole day and if you win your whole day you will win everything that comes in your life. 

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